ADHD is a psychological disorder that begins in childhood. In general, this disorder starts before reaching the age of six. Boys are significantly more affected than girls. Possible causes are genetic and environmental. However, those affected and their relatives are always under great pressure, because ADHD affects every area of life.

Mostly a fashion Diagnosis?

ADHD is no fashion Diagnosis!

ADHD is not a fashion Diagnosis. Studies by experts show: Over 600,000 adolescents are affected by ADHD. Only a few experts doubt that ADHD is a mental illness. ADHD is very complex and plays a role in all areas of life. Whether in the family, at school or at work.

How to recognize ADHD?

Symptoms of ADHD

The core symptoms of ADHD are impulsiveness, hyperactivity and attention deficit. The characteristics are individually different.


Children have a strong urge to move. To sit still is very difficult for affected children.

Attention deficit

It is very difficult for children to concentrate because of their high deflection due to small things.


A high degree of impulsiveness is particularly noticeable through uncontrolled action. Children often lack control over the planning of their actions.

Help against ADHD

Proceed with TAIL against ADHD

Many parents are ready to treat their children - suffering from ADHD - by medicaments. The best known medication is Ritalin. But ... what about alternatives ?

TAIL sets exactly at this point. TAIL offers the opportunity to train attention and control the impulses without the use of medication. TAIL - Training of Attention and Impact Control as a Learning Game has been developed specifically for children with the ADHD syndrome.

TAIL was developed as a behavioral medicine building block, according to the knowledge of neurobiology. TAIL is based on practical experience and consistently implements the pioneering work of neuropsychological research.

A pilot study shows: After four weeks of training with TAIL, the attention performance improves enormously.

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