Many children and adolescents are restless and can't concentrate properly.  But there are ways to train attention and control - a successful example of this : The computer game TAIL - Training of attention and impulse control as a learning game. The program has been developed specifically for children with ADHD syndrome.

The idea

TAIL against ADHD

The brain is transformed in time under the influence of experience. This game TAIL makes use of  this feature of the brain. The approach here is the continuous improvement of attention, impulse control and action planning. Unlike other games on the screen, TAIL is not about being as fast as possible, but as much patience as possible. Only those who wait long enough before acting, come closer to the pirate treasure.

  • Specially designed for children with ADHD syndrome.
  • Developed with the participation of the relevant child psychologists and ergotherapists
  • Game concept is based on the modern scientific knowledge of ADHD research and the long-term therapy experience of the participating experts
  • TAIL has made a name for itself since 2006 with numerous awardsation.

Construction of the game

Fight against ADHD with excitement and fun

TAIL is an exciting adventure game, which is exactly right here and can be played by even the smallest. The hero of the story is the small PHIL, who is looking for a great pirate treasure on an island in the South Seas. On the long road, he has to deal with many tasks and overcome obstacles. Most of the time, PHIL comes closer to the pirate treasure by observation.

The game is designed for children of all ages and trains with increasing difficulty on eight levels. It helps hyperactive children to better control their behavior at school and at home. The learning progress is continuously measured during the game and can be graphically displayed and evaluated.

Successes through TAIL

Targeted advances against ADHD by TAIL

A pilot study conducted by the University of Mainz shows that children - who trained with TAIL twice in a week - improve the attention performance in the parents' home and school by up to 40% per week (average: school 18%, parental home 10%). Affected parents who were questioned regularly during the study confirmed that their children had made significant progress.

Furthermore, the children showed a high level of self-motivation, since the play was not perceived primarily as a therapy. The game is designed as a treasure hunt for an old pirate treasure. During this treasure hunt, the children have to master different tasks. The newly learned restraint facilitates everyday life for children with ADHD and can reduce the need for medication. The children learn their self-efficacy and get the feeling: "I can do it!

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